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“Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present moment and experiencing things without judgment. Mindfulness has both a mental and a physical component and emphasizes a mind-body connection. In addition to its spiritual associations, mindfulness can be a worthwhile practice for those who wish to reduce stress, manage pain, or cultivate personal awareness.

Quietness and focus on the breath are commonly used to aid in meditation. A person cultivates mindfulness during meditation by settling the mind and thoughts about the past or future and noticing what is going on in the body. The mind naturally wanders, but a person cultivating mindfulness takes note of this wandering and then brings the mind back to the present and to his or her breath or other point of focus. Mindfulness can be practiced in everyday life as well, during nearly any activity. Over time, mindfulness may help a person develop the ability to be calmer, more balanced and to live in a skilful way.”


Join our free zoom sessions for student carers during lockdown on the following dates All are Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm;

29th April

6th May

13th May

20th May

27th May

What student carers told us after joining our sessions;

‘I feel so relaxed! This is my new religion’

‘I feel better, I feel more relaxed even with four children in the house!’

You don’t need to register with zoom to be able to participate. Just have your laptop or tablet handy. We’ll text you the link to join the session.

To register your interest contact Anastasia on 07932 804479 or email anastasia@eastend-carers.co.uk

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