Play-Sense is our pre-school play group dedicated to parents and their children with disabilities and additional support needs including autism, development delay and physical disabilities.

Sessions are on Fridays from 10am-12pm.

For more information contact: Lorna –

Play-Sense is more than a play group.


  • children with disabilities/additional support needs can enhance their skills for life by developing communication and motor skills through an emphasis on sensory play.
  • children with disabilities/additional support needs can take time out in a calm, nurturing environment with access to our sensory room.
  • parents access a range of professional carer supports and learning opportunities.
  • parents connect with and support one another and reduce their feelings of stress and isolation in a safe, supportive environment


Sensory play has an important role in child development. It helps children of all abilities develop gross and fine motor skills, language and communication, thinking & problem solving and social skills.


At Play-Sense your child will have access to our sensory room in addition to our play room. We offer a programme of visiting sensory practitioners who will stimulate your child via a broad range of activities including messy art and play, music and technology.

Play Sense Logo

Play group for parent & pre-school children with additional support needs

  • Safe and understanding environment

  • Programme of activities with sensory specialists

  • Reduce stress and isolation – share a cuppa with other parents who understand you

  • Promote your child’s confidence and skills development

  • Access sensory room and play room

  • Access a range of professional carer supports

  • Join us on special days out – there is no charge


“I feel we fit in here in way we haven’t before. Staff and parents understand our issues so we feel properly supported now. I’ve also found out about other services the Carers Hub offers.”

Holly Short, Parent of child with Dandy-Walker syndrome, microcephaly and cerebral visual impairment

“My son dreams about Play-Sense and talks about the people he’s met. I’m able to see a new side of him – he’s more expressive and communicative. As he’s prone to meltdowns it’s fantastic to have access to the sensory room where he’s able to ‘come back down’ and get on with playing.”

Sonia Ward, Parent of child with autism

“I never get out of the house except for Play-Sense and forget what day it is sometimes. The Carers Hub helps me so much by keeping in touch. Staff are always available by text and do an awesome job!”

S.P., Parent of child with autism

“My children love messy play and are becoming more social around others. I now have a better understanding of my son’s behaviour as I received autism training in Mandarin. A massive thank you to Carers Hub staff for everything you have done to support our family!”

Auo Wen Xu, Parent of child with autism

“We felt welcome as a family and my children were able to see and do things they’d never done before – there’s such a lot of different and stimulating activities, including wonderful family days out.”

Oluwafunmilayo Fabunmi, Parent of child with Down’s Syndrome