Welcome to our Sensory Art at Home sessions. In this section, you’ll find ideas to try with your child at home. In each session, our specialists have used simple materials to create hours of sensory, messy fun for your kids. They’ve used materials commonly found around your home or garden and looked at different ways to explore them in a sensory way while making a bit of artwork too!

Each child has their own sensory likes and dislikes – you will know what they are. So just select and adjust the workshop ideas to suit your needs. There is scope for all children to get involved at their own level of ability and interest.

The ideas begin with sensory exploration leading on to making marks on a surface then sometimes to making something a bit more representative. Enjoy and remember to send us your pictures for our ‘Gallery’!


As human beings, we understand the ‘meaning’ of things in the world around us by using multiple senses. We‘re not born with this ability to coordinate our senses, it‘s something we learn to do. We all need sensory stimulus and are much more likely to learn, and remember an experience, if it has involved multi-sensory input.

Sensory art is very much about the process where everything is broken down into small sensory parts.

  • Senses: children experience art activities through the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.
  • Exploration: the emphasis is directed towards discovering art materials and techniques through the senses.
  • Open-ended Art: in some art activities, there may be no end product. There may be no pre-conceived idea of what is to be produced, and no right or wrong way to do it. This is known as open-ended art.

Art offers so many opportunities for sensory stimulus and with a bit of imagination we can explore and create using a diverse range of art materials. Sensory art materials can be found everywhere; leaves, shells, sand, lentils, cardboard, the list is endless. Above all, art is fun and a great way of working alongside other family members.


Denice Introduces Sensory Art Sessions

Tin Foil Rubbings

Foil Fish & Mono Print

Crushy Sensory Cushion

Printing with Tin Foil

Make Your Own – Gloop

Make Your Own – Cooked Play-Doh

Dirt Painting with Natural ‘Brushes’

Collage with Leaves & Flowers

Ground Art – Construct & Paint