There are currently seven National Carer Organisations (NCOs) in Scotland. Together they have a shared vision that all Scotland’s unpaid carers will feel valued, included and supported as equal partners in the provision of care. The NCOs aim to achieve this through the representation of carers and giving them a voice at a national level.

In responding to proposed policies, laws, strategies and regulations, the NCOs seek to represent the views and experiences of carers in Scotland and make recommendations about how proposals can be improved to further carers’ rights in Scotland.

COCIS vision is that carers in Scotland will achieve full recognition as equal partners in care. They work to ensure carers will have the right to quality services and access to personalised support at every stage in their caring role to ensure they enjoy good health and a life outside of caring.

Working as part of Carers UK, Carers Scotland provides expert advice, information and support, connects carers, campaigns for lasting change and finds new ways to reach and support carers.

Carers Trust Scotland (part of Carers Trust UK) works to raise awareness of unpaid carers. They give carers a voice and highlight their work to the general public. They also campaign and work with politicians and policy holders to create real change for unpaid carers throughout Scotland.

Shared Care Scotland aims to improve the quality and provision of short breaks to unpaid carers by operating the Short Breaks Fund on behalf of Scottish Government. They also contribute to the development of policy and best practice for carers.

MECOPP actively seeks to challenge and dismantle barriers that deny black and minority ethnic carers access to health, social work and other social care services.

Crossroads Caring Scotland is one of Scotland’s voluntary sector providers of support for carers and their families. They provide support services across Scotland, helping people to live independently at home.

The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance (SYCSA) is hosted by Carers Trust Scotland and is a network of young carers support organisations across Scotland. It raises awareness of young carers and the issues they face, ensures good practice and undertakes policy development.