Our Parent Carers Service, within our Carers Hub offers support to parents & family carers, siblings, and the cared-for person who has a disability or additional support need.

Looking after a child with a disability, no matter how old they are, or whether they live with you or not, is a lifelong commitment. It can be rewarding but can also be physically & emotionally demanding and impact on other areas of your life. Your son or daughter may need extra care due to a physical or learning disability, autism, mental health issue, long-term condition or addiction. This extra care you give, means you have a dual role as parent and ‘carer’ and are likely to need additional support.

Parents may face a number of challenges juggling work, family responsibilities, education, health issues and financial hardship, in addition to their caring role. You may need additional training, support at home or would like to to meet other parents who share your experiences. Many parents have questions around education, statutory services, legal guardianship, or may need advice to tackle benefits and money worries. Whatever your situation, our supports are tailored to your unique set of circumstances.

As your child grows into adulthood, so the type of support you need will change. We will work with you to identify your priorities and provide support through each stage of your journey.


  • Information & Advice

  • Benefits, Form-filling & Grants

  • Training and Workshops

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Autism Family Project

  • Social Events & Outings
  • Play-Sense Play Group
  • Autism Parent Buddy Project
  • Activities for Children

  • Peer Support Groups
  • Parent Carer Breakfast Café

  • Weekly Drop-in Café

  • Emotional Support
  • Sensory Room


“The Carers Hub is highly valued by the NHS and the families that we refer to them. I am so grateful to be able to signpost them to such a professional and caring organisation.”

Fiona Nicholson, SCPT Nurse, Child Development Centre

“I feel we fit in here in way we haven’t before. Staff and parents understand our issues so we feel properly supported now. Even health professionals comment on how much my confidence with my child has increased.”

Holly Short, Parent of child with Dandy-Walker syndrome, microcephaly and cerebral visual impairment

“As a newcomer to Scotland, we felt welcomed as a family. At Play-Sense my children were able to see and do things they’d never tried before and I had time to spend on my baby’s physio. I’m so thankful for all the practical and emotional support I’ve received.”

Oluwafunmilayo Fabunmi, Parent of child with Down’s Syndrome

“My sense of wellbeing has improved since meeting other parents like myself, who care for their adult son or daughter. I now feel less alone and better supported emotionally and practically. Fellow parents and specialist Carers Hub staff are a great source of advice and support.”

M. McLeish, Parent of adult with Dravet’s Syndrome, Autism & Severe Epilepsy