The Scottish Government expects a delay to the start of Group 6 vaccination rollout – including unpaid carers. This phase was due to begin week commencing 22nd February for those known to the Scottish benefits system and NHS with all remaining carers following shortly after. 

The reasons for the delay are due to a higher-than-predicted uptake of the vaccine together with available supply. 

ScotGov reports that figures have passed 1 million first dose vaccinations in Scotland. Second appointments are already underway. Around 75,000 more people have been vaccinated than originally anticipated, due to higher take-up rates than predicted. 

Scotland continues to follow the JCVI advice on vaccination prioritisation to protect those most at risk of infection. 

Unpaid carers continue to be prioritised as part of Group 6 and will be called forward as soon as vaccine supplies allow. Carers identified via the Scottish benefits system or NHS will receive letters first with an appointment time and information required to change appointment time/venue. There will then be a National awareness campaign signposting unpaid carers to a self-referral portal. 

An unpaid carer is anyone looking after a family member, friend or neighbour who needs help. They might have an illness, disability, physical or mental health problem. 

To qualify for the vaccine as an unpaid carer you DO NOT require to be in receipt of Carers Allowance or be registered as an unpaid carer with your GP or carers centre. 

More details on timescales for unpaid carers will follow shortly and will be posted as these become available. Information is correct at time of writing.